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November 28, 2019
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The holiday festivities are just around the corner, and one of the best ways to prepare for the parties and celebrations is with a teeth whitening treatment. One of the first things that people see is your smile, so you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t causing a distraction with stained or discolored teeth. From in-office whitening treatments to at-home kits, there are plenty of ways to get a brighter smile without breaking the bank. Find out what teeth whitening options are available for you and what to expect with each one with this guide!


How Do Teeth Get Stained?

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the best time to get the bright, beautiful smile that you’ve been wanting all year. But, if you’re like many of us who want a brighter smile but don’t know why it became dim in the first place, what should you do? Teeth whitening, of course, is your best option to get that smile that will light up the party. But why do teeth need to be whitened in the first place? Well, as each of us knows, there are certain things that we do and eat that stain our teeth, making them less brilliant and causing us to feel more self-conscious. Teeth stains can develop for a number of reasons, but there are some common culprits that are behind most of the stain-causing shenanigans. For starters, certain drinks like coffee, red wine, tea and dark sodas are known to cause tooth discoloration. Bad habits like smoking and tobacco use are also known to discolor teeth and put you at risk for oral cancer, which can be deadly. Bad brushing and flossing habits also prevent your teeth from staying white and shiny, and this often causes bad breath. Trauma to the teeth can damage the nerves inside of them and cause them to discolor over time, as well. Even certain medications can stain your teeth, such as high blood pressure meds, antihistamines and anti-psychotic drugs. Whatever the reason behind your discolored teeth, there are options for you to create the white smile of your dreams that are both time and cost efficient and will boost your confidence just in time for the holidays.


Teeth Whitening OptionsWoman sitting in dentist chair receiving a teeth whitening treatment with an LED light.

There are primarily two main options for whitening your teeth: in-office treatments and at-home whitening kits. In-office whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure done in the world, and it produces immediate results that at-home kits can’t provide. Most in-office treatments will make your smile 5-10 shades brighter in 20-60 minutes, which means that you’ll be able to show up to your family party with a brighter smile on the same day that your treatment was performed. You can choose LED whitening, which is performed every 6 months and uses an accelerated LED light to keep your smile going for months on end. Another in-office treatment includes Boost System by Ultradent, which uses a chemically powered whitening gel that drastically changes your smile in 40-60 minutes. Boost System uses a 40% hydrogen peroxide formula that doesn’t require LED lights to work but still makes a striking difference on your overall smile. For patients who prefer at-home whitening kits, custom trays will be provided to you that fits to your teeth perfectly and uses a bleaching solution to whiten teeth. While this solution isn’t as strong as those used in in-office treatments, most patients see considerable changes within 2-6 weeks of daily treatment. At-home kits provide you the ability to use them at your discretion and in the comfort of your home, so you have the freedom to whiten as you wish. You can also buy over-the-counter bleaching products (like strips) or whitening toothpastes to help your smile out, but these typically don’t work as well as in-office or at-home kits provided to you by your dentist. However, if you’re in a pinch or can’t commit to the time required to whiten your teeth, these solutions still provide effective stain-removing results that will keep your teeth polished and bright.


How You Can Prepare For Treatment

Teeth whitening treatments have revolutionized the dental industry and have helped millions of people improve the look of their smiles. However, you should understand that not every treatment will provide you with the results that you want since tooth discoloration comes in many forms, and some types can’t be remedied by teeth whitening treatments. For example, gray teeth typically don’t bleach at all, while yellow teeth bleach very well. Brown teeth whiten about half of the time, and teeth discolored in any way by injury or medication will not be able to whiten whatsoever. Your treatment will entirely depend on these factors, so discuss your concerns with him/her to ensure that you’re getting what’s right for you. Before any teeth whitening treatment can begin, your dentist will clean your teeth extensively to remove any plaque or residue that has collected on or between your teeth. From there, he/she will perform a dental exam to identify any cracks in the teeth or tooth decay that will need to be addressed before treatment can begin. Bleaching can irritate these conditions, which won’t make it a comfortable experience for you. Some dentists will even take photos of your teeth and the shade that you want them to be so that they can make an accurate plan for your whitening needs. Once treatment is completed, you’ll be provided with at-home instructions and tips to keep your smile bright for years to come.


Get A Brighter Smile For The Holidays With Our Help!

At Stonebrook Family Dental, we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening kits so that all of our patients can get the brilliant smiles that they deserve. To schedule your next whitening session or to get more information about your whitening options, call our office at (303) 872-7907! Call today to start your teeth on a whiter path so that you can spread holiday cheer to everyone you meet this year!

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